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Valsesia Lancia Story
Valsesia Lancia Story
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The Club

It was in 1995 when a few friends who were strolling around Fobello asked themselves, “Why don’t we form a Club to bring together the Lancia enthusiasts in Vincenzo Lancia’s Valsesia?” After a couple of meetings and a few sleepless nights the same friends went to draw up a Memorandum of Association for the Club. Under a clear starry sky, on 19th March 1995, the thirteen founder members left a solicitor’s office in Varallo having just brought the Valsesia Lancia Story into existence.

Today the Club has about two hundred active members on its books,  a Head Office in Fobello and an operational office in Varallo.

The Club organizes various events, some of which have become traditions, such as the Spring Tour, Valsesia by Lancia and the "Bollito" Rally. Every year these events reveal, among other things,  new curiosities to the participants and new glimpses of the Valsesian territory.

On this site you will also find a special ‘Memories’ section which represents the events that best characterize the life of the Club.

However, the Valsesia Lancia Story is not only a record of the past, it is essentially the engine that keeps the story of the Lancia Family alive today; and this includes all the characters, with their grand or not-so-grand adventures, who have known, and those who still know, how to make Vincenzo Lancia’s creation great.


Valsesia Lancia Story

Since 1995 in Fobello...where Vincenzo Lancia was born

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